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Why Coconut Oil Changed My Life … and my Bank Account


I have been thinking about writing this post for a while as Coconut Oil has been making my world go round for months (years I should say!) and I would feel like a cheater if I didn’t make this magic oil my first beauty post!

Coconut Oil is the holy grail of any beauty product you could ever own, and I mean every single word. It really is the Ying to my Yang, the Clyde to my Bonnie, the Jigga to my Bey! In all seriousness, coconut oil cures most problems you could come up with and for no more than ~£10. Don’t ever spend more than £10, it is cheap so don’t get fooled.

Go to any shops (in the UK go to Holland and Barrett, Whole foods, Boots may even have it) and make sure you buy the unrefined and virgin coconut oil. And yes don’t worry, it should look like some sort of waxy solid… it will only turn into oil above room temperature, in other words it will remain solid if you live in the UK where the sun hardly ever shines.

First of all coconut oil is the best cooking oil, it is actually much healthier than any other cooking oil. You can also use coconut oil to make smoothies, it’s just all very good for you and your body. I won’t develop too much here as for those who know me I am a terrible cook but I just wanted to share one of the biggest benefits coconut oil has to offer. For more advice on how to use coconut oil when cooking, just read here if curiosity is burning inside you. Just buy two jars if you can, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom (you don’t want to use the bathroom jar in which you stick your fingers for cooking, trust me).

So here’s how I have been using coconut oil as a beauty oil :

  • It’s the best make-up remover especially if you do use loads of mascara like me. I put a little bit of oil on the tip of my fingers and I rub it gently against my lashes. Not only will your lashes be totally clean (yes you won’t have some black residue under your eyes when you wake up) but it will also moisture your lashes and the skin around your eyes. It does work people, just try it. Just make sure it doesn’t block your sink when you wash it all off.
  • Because it worked so well with my lashes, I thought I’d start using it as a night cream too…. I have combination and sensitive skin, so you’d think that coconut oil would only damage my skin or make it look even oilier or just make it break out, well no, coconut oil gives a real glow to your skin!
  • Then I thought, I’m gonna put some on my teeth…. That worked too! If you mix coconut oil to baking soda, it transforms into some sort of paste which makes your teeth look whiter in the long term, if you don’t like the taste, you can always brush your teeth with normal toothpaste after that.
  • What else what else, well you all must know about coconut oil being the best oil for your hair! Pure magic treatment, your hair will look shiny and soft. Just make sure you leave the oil for at least a couple of hours and cover it up with a shower head to heat it up.
  • Do you spend too much time typing, browsing and playing with your phone? Yes you do. And your nails suffer from it, just put some oil on your nails and see how much softer and shinier these bad boys are going to look like.

Yes coconut oil changed my life and the status of my bank account as well (I am a sucker for creams, oils, serums and all these mega expensive products promising model status overnight!). Coconut oil is fucking amazing, so just try it if you haven’t done so yet.

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    Mon hibou rose
    20th May 2015 at 13:51

    Merci pour cet article ultra intéressant. Je ne l’utilise pas, et pourtant ça a l’air chouette. On a toutes nos petites astuces, plus qu’à tester !
    Bisous ma belle

    • Reply
      25th May 2015 at 11:27

      Oui c’est une huile super! Et pour un prix derisoire! J’utilise aussi beaucoup d’huile d’argan! A bientot et gros bisous a toi aussi!

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