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I’m constantly trying to find ways that make me grow as an individual. As a woman, there are still some issues about limiting ourselves may it be in the workplace or in life in general. I want to get inspired by women who are contributing positively to our growth and to the betterment of society.

I’m really getting sick and tired of seeing things such as the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, Beyonce’s latest selfie or Amber Rose’s new butt trending on Twitter, it’s starting to get uncomfortable. Really, what is this all about?! I promise, I’m not trying to go on a rant, I’m genuinely trying to understand!

But please why don’t you talk to me about what you want to achieve, show me what moves you, how you want to improve yourself, speak to me about your wildest ambitions, show me something that will make me GROW!

It’s Friday and I usually share images that inspire me, well today I wanted to share some of Zaha Hadid’s most interesting work. What an inspiring woman! She represents so many values I live by and breathe for; Discipline, Hard Work,  Dedication, Independence, Perseverance, Passion. She recently said in an interview for Interview Magazine Russia ‘I believe in women’s ability, and power, and independence. I used to disapprove being called a woman architect, because what is important is that I’m an architect, woman is background information. But perhaps it helped other women, inspired them to take up a profession and do something on a professional scale, especially in a field considered not suitable for women.’ If you haven’t done so yet, you should read about her story and how she became the uber talented woman that she is today!

I also LOVE this quote of hers : ‘People think that the most appropriate building is a rectangle because that’s typically the best way of using space. But is that to say that landscape is a waste of space? The world is not a rectangle’.  So very true, let’s start deconstructing what’s around us and build the best version of ourselves, even if we’re told that version won’t fit in because it just might!

Zaha 1Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid- Copy - Copy Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid Heydar-Aliyev-Cultural-Center-by-Zaha-Hadid061 Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid Guangzhou Opera House - Copy - Copy Zaha Hadid



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